Kamala Harris image by @bnobleart

So this week we are working on prepping to launch two new brands for our BNobleLifestyle site. We have an Olympic basketball player (thank goodness it looks like the Olympics will be happening!) and my partner Kristin Nobles’ artwork. She’s been a pop artist for years but has never really sold or merchandised her art.This is in addition to the #sicktitties brand we got up a few weeks ago.

I think the biggest struggle is preparing a website with the copy and images that drive people to purchase. We did start some google ads and now have some data. We can see that people are coming to the site, but not purchasing. So that clearly shows we need to adjust things on the website to help engage people. I have set up some Amazon affiliate products and a Cannafloria affiliate link.

I’ve also decided to look on Fiverr for social media talent. I am aware of all of the things that NEED to be done, it’s just not my wheelhouse and while I like having a superficial understanding of how something works so I can guide it, this is not where I wish to devote my time. The hardest part being the posting of new images every day. So I’ve found some content creators and I’ve started reaching out — this is a VERY affordable option so I’m hoping it helps. This is for our Instagram and Pinterest accounts. With a content person helping with keywords and posting everyday, Kristin and I can fill in the blanks with comments, interactions and more.

We are also moving forward with an iHeartRadio contract for a podcast on breast implant illness to come out in October. Very exciting and they are putting a lot of promotion behind it. A few months away to feel the impact of this, but I’ll bet we (Kristin) can get on as a guest on others podcasts prior and that should help drive exposure. I’ve never worked with sound before, so now learning about mics, zoom, Riverside, etc. To be honest, I’ve always wanted to do voice work, so with this equipment I’m going to start creating some demo’s and see if I can get work reading books, etc. The side gig hustle!

More to come…..